Surrey High School on Campus

Get a Head Start on your University Studies!

KPU and the Surrey School District have partnered together to create the High School On-Campus (HSOC) Program - an exciting opportunity for students of several secondary schools in Surrey.  This option will allow you to take two university courses during your Grade 12 year at KPU's Surrey campus. HSOC provides exciting opportunities to take two university courses (6 credits) and get a sneak peek into what life as a university student is like.

Benefits include:

  • A head start on university studies
  • Free tuition ($400 per course) and waived application fee
  • After school classes on the Surrey campus
  • Various support services, including study strategies and career advising
  • Networking with fellow HSOC and KPU students

Eligible students will register for one KPU course each semester. You will have a small selection of courses to choose from and each course will be applicable towards your intended program of study at KPU or will be transferable to other post-secondary institutions in BC.

How to Apply

Interested students will apply while they are in Grade 11 and attend KPU in their Grade 12 year.

To be admitted into the program students will need:

  • B or higher in English 11
  • B or higher in Socials 11
  • B or higher in a Math or Science 11
  • Recommendation to the program from a school administrator
  • Note: the above criteria is subject to change

For an application form, please contact your school principal or counsellor.

Course Options

Under the HSOC program, we offer a wide selection of entry-level and transferable courses that require no additional pre-requisites. Some of the courses that might be offered include:

  • Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1100)
  • Introduction to Criminology (CRIM 1100)
  • Introduction to Marketing (MRKT 1199)
  • Organizational Behaviour (BUSI 1215) 
  • Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 1125) 
  • Introduction to Drawing (FINA 1100)
  • Introduction to Philosophy  (PHIL 1100) 

When registering/registered in a KPU course, you are subject to policies and practices related to course registration and student conduct.

Time and Location

Each semester, courses will be offered from 4:00 - 7:00pm, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Course timetable offerings will be included in the application package. Students should also know that this does not include the necessary homework and study time that will be required for a university course. Each university course usually requires 6-9 hours per week of study and homework time.


These courses will be considered part of the students Grade 12 curriculum. Tuition is free ($400 per course) and KPU will waive the application fee (subsequent applications will require an application fee). The only costs to students will be for textbooks, which are approximately $100 per course.Textbooks are available through the KPU bookstore at the Surrey campus.

Details & Deadlines

For students who have met the above admission requirements, the first step is to connect with your high school counsellor for an initial interview and HSOC application package.

Join us for a Dual Credit Information Session on Thursday April 28 from 6:00-7:00pm at KPU Surrey. Parents and families are welcome to attend to learn more about the program.

The Fall 2016 application will be sent to high schools on April 11. The deadline is May 13, 2016.

More information

Student inquiries: Nicole Poole at or 604.599.2525.

Teacher, Counsellor or Administrative inquiries: Contact Nicole Poole or call 604.599.2525.