Concurrent Studies

Students who are enrolled in a BC Secondary School may be admitted to KPU to pursue Concurrent Studies.

The following conditions will apply to concurrent studies:

  • The applicant must meet KPU's admission requirements along with any additional requirements imposed by your school
  • The applicant must be enrolled in a BC Secondary School at the grade 12 level, in a program that meets regular KPU entrance requirements
  • The applicant must have the written recommendation of the secondary school principal
  • The applicant must have the written consent of his or her parent(s) or legal guardian if under the legal age of majority on the opening day of classes
Dual Credit

Admission as a concurrent studies student is only granted in Fall or Spring semester, and is generally limited to one semester only; however, it may be renewable with the continued support of the school principal and guardian, and the student maintaining good academic standing. Concurrent students will be treated as typical students in most respects except they may not register in a full range of courses, and their eligibility to register is valid for one semester only (unless renewed as above).

Once a student has graduated high school they will be required to re-apply to KPU under the applicable admission category.

KPU reserves the right to limit the number of seats available in total and per class. When registering/registered in a KPU course, you are subject to policies and practices related to course registration and student conduct. The primary home of students admitted in the concurrent admissions category is understood to be the high school and school district to which they belong.

The same tuition, fees and deadlines will apply for concurrent studies as for regular students.

Application Process:

1) Begin by meeting with the Future Students' Office so they can assist you with the application process.

2) Apply for admission at Applications each semester must be submitted by the published deadline for that semester.

3) After applying, please contact the Future Students' Office to inform them your application has been filled out and find out your next steps.

4) Submit required documentation.

5) Register for your desired course, provided you meet the requirements and pre-requisites.

More Information

Questions? Contact Nicole Poole or call 604.599.2525.